Italy | Rome

Video: SpartacusTV – Gay life and pride in Italy’s Eternal City Rome

Welcome to a new episode of Spartacus TV! This time, Ulli Pridat visits Italy’s capital Rome. Known as “The Eternal City”, Rome sure has a lot to offer for tourists. But what about gay tourists – since the Vatican, located in the heart of Rome, only ranked 121st in the Spartacus Gay Travel Index? Ulli takes a close look for you on the weekend of Gay Pride in Rome 2019!



Hottest gay beaches: Sardinia

Sardinia is a jewel in the Mediterranean. The island offers great holiday destinations and good entertainment for gays. Do you prefer tranquility and nature or party and fun? We have a selection of beaches you should not miss during your holiday.



Original Tuscan-style farmhouse: The Villa Montebello B&B

This Tuscan gem, beautifully restored with luxury features and exuding radiating charm, is now one oft he most sought-after B&Bs in Tuscany. An original Tuscan-style farmhouse with original goat and sheep barns, was lovingly restored to become: The Villa Montebello …


Italy | Florence

Florence: RESIDENCE HILDA gives secret tipps

At the elegant Hilda you get more privacy than at a 5 star hotel, light and streamlined interiors, designer details conspicuous only by their restraint. With just 12 carefully designed suites on four floors, this tranquil haven offers exquisite service …


Italy | Mailand

Belli Ragazzi

Milan is not only the second largest city in Italy, but also also a trendy fashion capital and another gay stronghold apart from Rome.


Italy | Venedig

Beauty and melancholy

Venice is a must for gay tourists, especially for couples looking for a quiet and romantic escape from everyday life.


Italy | Rom

Neoroman Decadence

Rome has shown its gay cheek during Europride 2011. The Eternal City, a magent for gay visitors anyway, is also worht a visit in 2012.


Italy | Lago Maggiore


The spirit of past times can be felt in the region surrounding Lago Maggiore and its stately homes.


Italy | Emilia Romagna

Pleasure principle

Ferrara, Parma, Modena – the Renaissance cities of Emilia Romagna attract with impressive mansions and excellent cuisine.



Poland | 08.01.2020

Art censorship: Hard times for queer artists in Warsaw?

The Polish Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński appointed Piotr Bernatowicz as the new director of the Centre for Modern Art in Warsaw, who is assigned to the right spectrum. Many artists fear a turnaround in Poland’s art scene.


Hungary | 09.12.2019

World AIDS Day in Budapest

For this years World AIDS Day, the Budapest’s Chain Bridge turned red. It is a tradition that the bridge receives special illumination on socially relevant memorial days. The Széchenyi Chain Bridge was illuminated for the first time on 1 December 2019 in connection with World AIDS Day in the color of the red ribbon that became the symbol of the fight against AIDS.


Brazil | 16.10.2019

Brazil: Judge overturns Bolsonaro’s stop to fund queer cinema

Brazil’s homophobic President Jair Bolsonaro cancelled funding for TV shows six weeks ago because he disapproved of its content. He described the financial support for social projects, including LGBTIQ* films, as “money wasted”. Now a federal judge declared the financial freeze null and void.


China | 01.10.2019

Chinese social media platform bans homosexual content

The Chinese social media and video platform TikTok seems to be a prime example of censorship. TikTok had already recently been criticized for censoring the protest in Hong Kong and thus creating a distorted picture of opinion. It has now become known that the company is also blocking content that shows, advertises or promotes homosexuality.


Germany | 27.09.2019

Refugees need more information about sexual diversity

German sex educators and integration commissioners on Thursday called for increased sexual education measures for fugitives. At the conference on “Sexual Diversity and Flight”, one of the topics discussed was how to overcome existing prejudices.



How LGBT-friendly is Europe?

The European Commission’s Eurobarometer survey looks at the discrimination and social acceptance of LGBTI people throughout the European Union. The survey was carried out in May 2019 and the evaluation has now been published. How tolerant is Europe and what have been the developments since the last survey in 2015? Spartacus has selected the most relevant figures for you: