Hottest gay beaches: Sardinia

Sardinia is a jewel in the Mediterranean. The island offers great holiday destinations and good entertainment for gays. Do you prefer tranquility and nature or party and fun? We have a selection of beaches you should not miss during your holiday.


Italy | Catania

Catania: city between Etna and the Mediterranean

The city of Catania, a baroque marvel, is wedged between Etna and the Sea but also torn between the sacred and the profane. Both, tradition and the typical southern Italian culture as well as gay tourism have their place here.



original Tuscanstyle farmhouse: The Villa Montebello B&B

This Tuscan gem, beautifully restored with luxury appointments and radiating charm, is now one oft he most sought after B&B´s in the Tuscan region. An original Tuscanstyle farmhouse with original goat and sheep barns, was lovingly restored to become: The …


Italy | Florence

RESIDENCE HILDA gives secret tipps

At the elegant Hilda you get more privacy than at a 5 star hotel, light and streamlined interiors, designer details conspicuous only by their restraint. With just 12 carefully crafted suites over four floors, this tranquil haven offers exquisite assistance …


Italy | Mailand

Belli Ragazzi

Milan is not only the second largest city in Italy, but also also a trendy fashion capital and another gay stronghold apart from Rome.


Italy | Venedig

Beauty and melancholy

Venice is a must for gay tourists, especially for couples looking for a quiet and romantic escape from everyday life.


Italy | Rom

Neoroman Decadence

Rome has shown its gay cheek during Europride 2011. The Eternal City, a magent for gay visitors anyway, is also worht a visit in 2012.


Italy | Lago Maggiore


The spirit of past times can be felt in the region surrounding Lago Maggiore and its stately homes.


Italy | Emilia Romagna

Pleasure principle

Ferrara, Parma, Modena – the Renaissance cities of Emilia Romagna attract with impressive mansions and excellent cuisine.



Botswana | 11.06.2019

Botswana decriminalises gay sex

Botwana’s High Court decided in a historic ruling on Tuesday that homosexuality is no longer punishable in the African country.


Singapore | 29.05.2019

Nephew of Singapore’s Prime Minister marries boyfriend

Li Huanwu and his boyfriend Heng Yirui got married in South Africa on May 24th. Congratulations! Most Singaporeans know Huanwu as the grandson of Singapores founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Li Huanwu is also the nephew of current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


Kenya | 28.05.2019

Kenya: Homosexuality remains illegal

The country in East Africa has missed an opportunity to gain a foothold in the modern age. The High Court declared last Friday that the law against homosexuality not unconstitutional.


Brazil | 27.05.2019

Brazil’s Supreme Court votes to criminalise homophobia

It is good news for the LGBT community in Brazil for a change: Homophobia has been declared a criminal offence. Six of the eleven judges of Brazil’s Supreme Court voted to extend the country’s anti-discrimination laws. Homophobia is going to be considered a crime and will be punished with up to five years imprisonment.


Jamaica | 20.05.2019

Jamaica wants gay tourists to feel safe

Donovon White, Jamaican Director of Tourism, has fended off accusations that Jamaica is a hostile place for gay tourists.


Netherlands | 19.05.2019

Update: 27 European countries now have banned Steven Anderson from entering

Steven Anderson is now also banned from entering Ireland. A petition demanded appropriate steps from Ireland’s government, more than 14,000 people signed. Ireland’s justice minister, Charlie Flanagan, declared that his department wanted to ban the preacher from entering the country.